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Zero2050 is an initiative led by National Grid Electricity Transmission to speed up the rate of progress towards achieving government targets of net zero by 2050 in South Wales.

Now, more than ever, it’s vital that organisations and individuals come together to help achieve a collective goal of net zero. It is an exciting and complex time that will change consumer behaviours – the way we heat our homes, travel to work, the jobs we do and the way we use energy. 

It really is a truly ground-breaking, collaborative project with the potential to start delivering real value to consumers in the next few years. 

Pwy sy'n ymwneud â Zero2050

Who’s involved in Zero2050

The following organisations provide leadership, investment, support and guidance with the aim of developing a blueprint for decarbonisation in South Wales.

Innovating to deliver an electricity network that is safe, reliable and resilient, and one which is leading the way in decarbonising South Wales.

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Innovating to deliver gas to businesses and homes in a way that contributes to the efforts to decarbonise South Wales.

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Providing a sustainable, innovative and affordable gas network and contributing positively to the quality of life and wellbeing of the communities we serve.

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Distributing electricity across South Wales. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and embrace low carbon technologies.

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Helping design and engineer lower carbon energy resources as well as solving the energy trilemma of security, affordability and sustainability.

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Providing thought and technology leadership in delivering the zero emissions ambition.

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Pioneering new services that are fundamentally altering the way the energy industry operates and achieves the carbon neutral goal.

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Committed to helping the global community become carbon neutral, through pioneering research to leverage discussions, action and solutions to the climate crisis.

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Providing a differentiated service across technical consultancy, engineering services and project delivery as the UK adapts to a low carbon future underpinned by smart technologies.

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We combine face-to-face consultation, desk-based investigation, analysis & design to find optimal solutions and cost saving potential for a carbon neutral future.

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Progressive Energy exists to develop and deliver clean energy projects at a scale that makes a material difference to climate change.

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Bringing in the necessary regulations to help South Wales and the UK become carbon neutral well before the 2050 target.

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This group brings together a number of partners to collaboratively identify ways to tackle the challenges of decarbonisation.

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Goruchwylio'r daith i Zero2050

Overseeing the journey to Zero2050

The information below shows how the project is governed and details some of the key roles of those responsible for overseeing the journey of South Wales to net zero emissions by 2050.

Project Board

  • Overall project direction and sanction
  • Sign off on project scope and changes
  • Commercial management of work packages

Project Working Group

  • Resolve uncertainties around inputs and assumptions
  • Explore interdependencies and collaborate on package delivery
  • Initial reviews of emerging results

Project Review Committee

  • Sign off at key stage gates
  • Project challenge and review

Ariannu sut mae De Cymru yn cyflawni Zero2050

Funding how South Wales achieves Zero2050

The Network Innovation Allowance (NIA) provides the financial catalyst for innovation within the electricity and gas transmission and distribution network, providing funding to help Great Britain move to a low carbon economy. Projects are reviewed against specific eligibility criteria and funding is allocated for the best innovation projects delivering environment benefits, security of supply and value for money for network customers.

Amcanion menter Zero2050

The objectives of the Zero2050 initiative

Everyone is committed to delivering these objectives that will enable the development of a blueprint towards the decarbonisation of South Wales.

Identify up to four plausible decarbonisation pathways to net zero for the energy system in South Wales in order to highlight the right investment choices for partners and businesses, help the Welsh Government make the right policy choices and understand what other interventions might be required to achieve net zero.

To collate the evidence required to underpin these decisions, which includes understanding the impact of the pathways across the system and on wider society as well as any uncertainties.

To test methodologies for a collaborative decarbonisation model at a system level across a region.